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American National Life Insurance Company of Texas (ANTEX) is an insurer that markets life and health insurance products through alternative distribution systems. ANTEX offers innovative Life, Ancillary Health and Accident and Injury Insurance plans to MGA, GA and independent agent distributions.

Appointment Information

Processing Time

ANTEX appointments take approx. 7-10 business days to process depending on the state. Agents will be notified via email when their appointment has been completed.


Checking Appointment Status

Reach out to Agency Services for the status of each of your appointments. Agency Services can be reached at 877-228-8773 or via email at


Adding Non-Resident Appointments

Agents should provide their non-resident license copies to AHCP with a request to add the appointment to their ANTEX record.


Adding a Corporation

Agents should become appointed as an individual producer. Agents can then assign their commissions to their corporation by completing the forms below. AHCP will pay all future commissions to the tax-id provided by the agent.


ANTEX Carrier Back Office: (Antex) Anico and Moody Insurance

How to register on the carrier’s website

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using the log-in ID and password provided in the welcome email from ANTEX.
  3. If you forgot your username or password and need to have it reset, please call 800-899-6501


ANTEX Quoting and Submitting New Business

How do I run a quote?

Agents can create quotes using the links below:


American National Client Management Tools

Check application status

To check the status of your submitted applications…

  1. Log into
  2. Under the Policy Data tab, click on ‘New Business Status’.

There are four different ways that you can find a specific policy.

  1. Search for Personal Policies.
    Select “Personal” on the pull-down menu at the left of any page. Select the policy status or “All Policies” from the second pull-down menu at the left of any page. Click the submit button once. This will return either all of your personal policies or all the personal policies with the status selected.
  2. Search for Rollup Policies (Writing Agent = Sub Agent)
    Select “Rollup” on the pull-down menu at the left of any page. Select either “All Policies” or the policy status you would like to view from the second pull-down menu at the left of any page. Click the submit button once. This will return a listing of all the agents in your rollup with policies. You can then click on “Personal” or “Rollup” to view the list of policies.
  3. Search by Policy Number
    Enter the full policy number in the text box below the menu. Click the submit button once. This search will return the policy information of the policy requested. This is the fastest way to view a specific policy.
  4. Search by Applicant’s Last Name
    Enter the client’s full last name in the text box below the menu -OR- for a wildcard search, enter at least the first four letters of the insured’s last name and an * in the text box below the menu. Click the submit button once.


ANTEX Commission Information

Who processes commission- AHCP or the carrier?

AHCP processes ANTEX commissions internally. At the time of appointment, agents signed an assignment of commission to AHCP


Advance option details, including interest

No advance option is currently available.


Commission Cycle

Earned commission cycle

Earned commission and renewals are processed once a month, the middle of the following month.

Important note

Commissionable premium is based on standard rates. Quarterly policies will be paid as earned.

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