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Equitable believes in establishing strong partnerships with top-notch insurance professionals. They have a proven track record of success, growth and financial stability. Equitable offers three medicare supplement insurance plans with immediate coverage and no waiting period for all plans. Equitable goes an extra step further and issues no provider network, which allows freedom in choosing any doctor, specialist, hospital, or medical supplier.

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Appointment Information

How to get appointed with Equitable?

All agents must complete the appointment paperwork to become appointed. When all required information and completed documents have been received by AHCP’s Agency Services, the agent will be sent a contracting link. The agent must follow the link to complete the contracting process.

How long does it take to get appointed?

It takes 10-14 business days after submitting your paperwork.

Adding Non-Resident Appointments

Agents should provide their non-resident license copies to AHCP with a request to add the appointment to their Equitable record.

Equitable Quoting and Submitting New Business

How do I run a quote?

Agents can run quotes any of the following ways:

  1. Agents can request a login to access their own medicare quoting tool.

How do I submit new business?

Agents can submit new business by:

  1. Scan and email the application to
  2. Fax the application to 800-696-8312


Equitable Carrier Back Office

How to register on the carrier’s website

  1. Once contracted, you will be emailed your User ID and a temporary password
  2. Go to and log in to the secure site
  3. Follow the instructions and complete the registration


Equitable Client Management Tools

Check application status

To check the status of your submitted applications…

  1. Log in to your back office
  2. Select “Support” from the tabs at the top of the page.
  3. You may then select “Pending Apps,” “Policy,” “Inquiry,” etc.

View your book of business

The agent will only be able to view applications submitted within the last 60 days.

Equitable Commission Information

Who processes commission- AHCP or the carrier?

AHCP processes Equitable commissions internally. Commission statements are stored in the eAgentCenter.

Advance option details, including interest

Three, six or nine-month advance, no interest. A one-time 3% admin fee will be charged on the gross advance amount.

Commission Cycle

New Business Commissions

Commissions and renewals are processed once a month, the middle of the following month.

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