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Team Corp is a Sales and Marketing company that began in 2004 and is an affiliate of National Health Corporation. Team Corp is a marketer of a unique line of Guaranteed Acceptance Supplemental Products administered by United Service Association For Health Care (USA+). Licensed Team Corp Agents are located all across the United States. In California, products are marketed under Elite Association Marketing.

How long does it take to become contracted?

There are background checks and various other things that could be asked for so it would depend upon what is needed to see and evaluated. With a clean background check it usually only takes 3 business days to approve the application and fully activate a replicated website.

Back office information:

Each approved and contracted agent has a USATeamCorp replicated website created for them upon application and fully activated upon contract approval. Each replicated website has a “Agent Center” page specific to that Agent and also forms, collaterals and training materials.

Commission information:

Who processes commission- AHCP or the carrier?

AHCP processes Team Corp commissions internally.

Advance option details

3 or 6 months, up to a 6 month advance available for dental sales. 5% Admin fee charged on the gross advance total.

Commission Cycle New Business Commissions

New business paid out every Thursday, renewals between the 15th and 20th of every month.

Earned commission cycle:

Renewal processing is done on the first business day following the calendar end of the month. For example, the 1-31-16 Renewal period was processed and closed on Monday 2-1-16. Renewal commissions are funded by the 10th of the month following closing.

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