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Wellness Plan of America is a comprehensive membership designed to address everyday health and wellness needs. This program was created to assist members in making the necessary lifestyle changes vital to long term health through free ongoing services in addition to members only savings on wellness benefits. What makes WPA unique is the provided access to highly trained Personal Wellness Concierge as your clients make the journey to good health and wellness.

The WPA Wellness Program Includes:

First Class Concierge Service- WPA provides constant customer support to your new member in regards to their Prescription Savings Program and many other wellness benefits designed to promote a healthy lifestyle

Prescription Assistance-An extensive Prescription Savings Program which utilizes a network of resources to find members the lowest price available on their prescription medications. The WPA Prescription Savings Program on average saves members 85% off the current cost of their medications

National Telemedicine Program-1-800MD offers fast and convenient access to U.S board-certified Doctors & Pediatricians 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year throughout the United States in all 50 States

Brand Name Recognition – FREE Gift of the Exclusive WALMART Prescription Drug Card which features special lower pricing then the Walmart $4 list through the Low Price Network

Free Online Health Assessment with personalized Wellness Program recommendations

Wellness Pantry featuring 40% off Organic & All-Natural Whole Foods shipped to your home

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