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Health Insurance Innovations

Health Insurance InnovationsHealth Insurance Innovations is a third generation health insurance marketing and administrative company with over 60 years of experience in the uninsured or underinsured market. They've designed products to fit the needs of individuals or families who do not have access to quality health insurance. Affordable primary health plans come at a cost of higher out of pocket expenses. Their portfolio of products includes both, affordable quality primary coverage with ancillary plans to help fill benefit gaps.
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Appointment Information

Processing Time
HII appointments take approx. 5-7 business days to process depending on the state. Agents will be notified via email when their appointment has been completed.

Checking Appointment Status
Log into the eAgentCenter to view the status of each of your appointments.

If your carrier ID number contains a “P3 code” it means that a complete packet was provided to the insurance carrier. AHCP is waiting on your appointment confirmation.

Adding Non-Resident Appointments
Agents should provide their non-resident license copies to AHCP with a request to add the appointment to their Aetna record.

Appointment Fees/Renewals
Hii is not currently charging appointment fees

Adding a Corporation
Agents should become appointed as an individual producer. Agents can then assign their commissions to their corporation by completing the forms below. AHCP will pay all future commissions to the tax-id provided by the agent.

HII Back Office

How to register on the HII website

Agent access to the HII back office should have been set-up at the time of your appointment. Agent welcome emails will have log in information as well as broker quoting links.

To log into the HII back office click on the following link: HII Back Office

HII Quoting and Submitting New Business

How do I run a quote/submit new business?

  1. Agents can use the 'Get A Quote' option on Applications should never be submitted through this link. Agents will need their HII writing number to run a quote through this link.
  2. Agents can quote and submit new business electronically using their HII Broker Link issued to them at the time of their appointment.


HII Client Management Tools

View your book of business:

To view your book of business:

  1. Log into the HII Agent Back Office at 

HII Commission Information

Who processes commission- AHCP or the carrier?

AHCP processes HII commissions internally. Commission statements are stored in the eAgentCenter.

Advance option details, including interest

3 month advance on 6 month term and 6 month advances on a 12 month term are available.

Commission Cycle

New Business Commissions

Commissions are processed by HII when a member’s premium is collected and posted. New business commissions are processed by AHCP on a weekly basis or as provided by the carrier new business transmission.

Earned commission cycle

Earned commission and renewals are processed once a month, the middle of the following month. Any business written or renewed during “month 1”, earnings would be processed mid-month “month 2”.


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