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Want to grow your online presence? Below you will find many useful website tips to help turn your website traffic into business!


Building top-notch websites for insurance agents

The fight for attention gets more intense with every passing day. Having an online strategy means the difference between a steady stream of new prospects or disappearing into a sea of lifeless websites.

Online strategies are as much about creativity as they are consistency. Prospective clients want to learn more about you in the privacy of their home or office. But first, they need to be able to find you – this begins with a well- built and informative website.

Here are some helpful website tips:

Make it Modern – Was your website designed shortly after the turn of the century? If so, it may be time for a redesign. Insurance customers are savvy. They want their insurance agents to be savvy as well. Make sure your website is modern, sleek, and easy to navigate.

Add Landing Pages – Your website needs landing pages to capture visitors who have found you through organic search methods. Even your home page should be a landing page designed to welcome and direct visitors toward engaging more with your website or by contacting you directly.
Become the Authority – Deep dive into building an authoritative website if you specialize in a particular insurance product or industry niche. Prospects and clients looking for information will see you as the expert. Authoritative websites have robust FAQ pages and heaps of well-written educational content.

Upgrade your Online Presence

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Online Best Practices for Insurance Agents

Every day, over 37,000 people search for “insurance agent” on the internet. That’s over 1 million search inquiries per month. Are you prepared to capture this vast swath of potential new customers? Is your website driving new business as well as it could be?

Most insurance agents will answer “no.”

Watch the on-demand video below and learn:

  • Why having an online presence is crucial in 2023.
  • Website best practices for insurance agents.
  • How to drive new business from your online presence.
  • How you can start building your new insurance website today!

Upgrade your Online Presence

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Grow Your Email List

Email marketing has proven over and over to be the most effective marketing channel available. Before you can send out an email, though, you need to build an email list. Make list building a priority – it will pay off over and over.

Here are some tips to grow your email list:

  • Give away content – Use useful content, such as ebooks or guides, as a way to get your website visitors to give you their email address. This can be done via a pop-up or a form on your website. Offer something useful and your visitors will happily give you their email address. Not sure where to start? Look for guides from your carriers or use the “Medicare and You” book from CMS.
  • Call your customers and ask for their email address – Pick up the phone, call your customers, and let them know that you have useful information you want to send them via email. It’s amazing how well this works. And as a bonus, you’ll probably discover a few customers who have been “meaning to call you” about a quote or product.
  • Go through your “sent” folder – You probably have more email addresses than you realize. Take a few minutes to go through the people you’ve corresponded with over the past several months. Find customers and prospects that you have a relationship and add them to your list.

Boost Your Insurance Sales with Email Marketing Campaigns

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Website Landing Pages

Landing pages go by many different names such as “lead capture page”, “static page”, or “squeeze page.” Regardless of what you call these one-page wonders, their goal is always the same – to prompt a prospect to take a specific action.

Insurance landing pages are the gateway between you and your prospect. Even the best marketing email or online advertisement will be wasted if your landing page fails to move the prospect to the next step in your sales process. See some landing page tips below:

  • Visual Appeal – Not all landing pages need to be candidates for the Louvre in Paris, but incorporating appropriate fonts, beautiful colors, and a thoughtful layout scheme will improve your conversion rates. Functionality is also important including incorporating responsive design.
  • Headline – Landing page headlines can vary widely, depending on the page’s objective. Most importantly, your headline and sub-headlines need to welcome visitors while reminding how they landed there.
  • Call to Action – A landing page without a decisive call to action is like a boat without a compass. Visitors need clear and concise next steps to follow, otherwise nothing will happen.

Upgrade your Online Presence

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Social Media Best Practices

As an insurance agent, you should use social media to grow your business by increasing the awareness of who you are and the services you offer.

From Facebook posts and videos, to LinkedIn posts and Twitter announcements, there is no reason why you can’t increase the visibility of your insurance agency and grow your client base.

Here are 4 ways to use social media to increase your insurance and prospect client base:

  • Be consistent
  • Post on social platforms that really work
    Update all social media platforms that you’re present on
  • Interact with your customers in real-time

Check out these social media best practices.

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SEO for Insurance Agent Websites

Search Engine Optimization, or “SEO”, is an extremely important aspect of any well-performing website. A good SEO strategy can help thousands of new potential customers find your site and connect with you.

SEO methods are constantly changing. Not only is this because of new search engine developments but also changes in how users are interacting online. We know it’s quite the task to stay on top of the latest SEO changes, but there are some mistakes that you can avoid to save you a lot of time down the road.

By addressing these mistakes, you will help improve your site’s ranking:

1. Optimize your SEO Around the Wrong Keywords.

2. Keyword Stuffing.

3. Creating Content That’s Not About Your Keywords.

4. Skipping or Overlooking Title Tags & Meta Descriptions.

5. Missing Quality Links.

6. Not Investing in a Fast and Mobile-Friendly Website.

7. Forgetting Analytics.

Want to learn more about how you can improve your SEO and overall online strategy? Watch The Insurance Agent’s Crash Course on SEO.

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Put Your Email Signature to Work

Given how many emails we send and receive every day, your email signature is some of the most valuable marketing “real estate” you have. Make the most of this precious space by investing 20 minutes today. Then benefit every time you send an email.

Here are some tips to help you craft the perfect email signature:

  • Add key contact info – Make it as easy as possible for customers and contacts to reach you right from your email. Add your phone and email to your signature so if a customer wants to call you, they don’t have to search for your info.
  • Include a link to your website – Often, your emails will get forwarded on to people who don’t know you. Include a link to your website to help them learn about you and what you offer. If your website hasn’t been refreshed in a while, now’s a good time to update it. AgentMethods can help!
  • Resist the urge to get fancy – It’s tempting to add headshots, logos, social media icons, animated graphics, and more to your signature. But with so many different email programs out there, it’s impossible to control how things look on your recipient’s end. What looks great in your email can turn into broken images, strange outlines, and confusing alignment. So keep it simple.
  • Bonus: Add a call to action – Give people something relevant to act on in your signature. For example, swap a simple link to your website with a reason to visit it, such as “Turning 65? Download my free guide on Medicare from my website.”

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How to make a great impression through social media

In today’s digital era it is common for prospects to search your insurance business on social media. These people want to learn everything they can about you before making a big decision. So how do you knock the first impression out of the ballpark? Here are a few tips:

  • Show who you are – Social media is one way to show off who you are. After all, you are your own brand. Your content should be professional and fun. Let prospects get to know you. They will feel comfortable calling on your services when needed. Feel confident in yourself and what you offer.
  • What do I post? – Posting relevant content is important but can often be difficult to keep up with. Consistently posting great insurance information is a must. This will take some time if you are doing it yourself. Put in the work and you should see progress.
  • Prompt engagement – Social media is worthless if you can’t engage with a potential lead. Sharing useful information on the insurance industry and how you can solve those problems will lead to the type of engagement you are looking for. Once engaged, you create a post that invites your followers to get a quote.

Want us to post relevant, interesting content to your social media accounts 5x a week? Click here to find out more.

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Grow your business and nurture your client relationships with email marketing

The simple truth is businesses of all shapes and sizes are taking advantage of email marketing. In 2018, almost 300 billion emails were sent and received per day and 72% of customers preferred email as their main channel for business communication. These numbers are impressive when just a few years ago we thought email had died and gone to internet heaven.

Here are some tips to make email marketing work for you:

  • Easily target your audience – The first rule of marketing is to get in front of the eyes or ears of your audience. Email marketing allows you to send clear messaging that can have an instant impact on your business.
  • Test the subject line – Some emails never get opened and die in internet heaven. So how do you improve the chances that an email gets opened and read? The answer is a killer subject line. A good start is to run it through a subject line tester. This will give you a great idea of how to write a great subject line. The idea is to keep it straightforward, personal, and honest. Once you have a grasp on the subject line calamity the only thing to do is test it in a real email and see what happens.
  • A/B testing – Getting your customer to act is the art of marketing. One of the best ways to figure out what works is through testing. Choose a topic, split your audience in half, and create 2 different emails that have a different design and layout. After you send out the email and analyze the data you will have a better understanding of what it will take to get your customer to act.
  • Be consistent – A successful business is a consistent business. Show your customer that you are here to stay and that you believe in what you are offering. So how many emails should you send your customers in a month? The answer is as many times as you can without being annoying. Start with a few a month and see how your audience reacts. Lucky for us, email marketing is easy to measure.
  • Analyze the data – One of the most important parts of marketing is analyzing the data. Figure out where you went right and most importantly how you can improve your next email.

Want to get your piece of the pie? Put email marketing to work and see instant results? Boost Your Insurance Sales with Email Marketing Campaigns

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Fix Your Forms

Finally, a website visitor decided to ask for more information or even request a quote. Do not sabotage all your hard work by having an online form that is too long, too complicated or just plain doesn’t work.

Short and simple is the right move with any online form. Click here and see how you can use forms to increase web leads by 20X.

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Email Marketing for Insurance Agents

Insurance email marketing remains one of the most potent marketing strategies for agents. Direct and effective, insurance agents who are not leveraging the power of email are leaving money on the table. Even with the rise of alternative marketing channels such as social media, podcasts, and digital marketing, email consistently ranks as the most effective marketing channel.

In the guide linked below, we intend to help independent insurance agents like yourself develop and deploy an effective marketing campaign. Each step in the process has been broken down in the table of contents.

Download the “The Insurance Agent’s Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing” by AgentMethods and learn:

  • How to create successful email campaigns for insurance sales.
  • How to build a targeted email list of your customers and prospects.
  • How to regularly reach your audience.
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