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Upcoming Training Webinars

Motivation Monday

Every Monday

Join us as we cover brand new & in-demand sales technique’s. We look forward to you joining us each week!

Allstate Health Solutions Product Training

Third Thursday of the Month

Join us on the third Thursday of every monthfor our monthly call with Allstate Health Solutions! We will go over different plans within Allstate’s product library, discussing how the plans are designed to work. Training you on how to better sell our products, and protect your clients!
Register once and join us every month.

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Medicare Training

Medicare Compliance Review – April 19th at 12 PM ET | 9 AM PT

Join us for a quick review on Medicare compliance! We will discuss the important pieces of a compliant sale.

Medicare & Medicaid Review – April 25th at 12 PM ET | 9 AM PT

Join us for a review of Medicare and Medicaid plans. We will review detailed information to help you assist D-SNP members.

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