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Tools & Resources

Carrier Choices


With more than 50 carriers across all categories including major medical, short term medical, ancillary, senior market, life insurance and dental, you will have access to the best selection of products for your clients. We also offer a one-stop-shop for you to receive all your carrier appointments in one place. Search carriers and products by state using our interactive map.

Agent Tools


AHCP’s commission system is Comissio. Comissio is a powerful tool for agents and agency managers to closely monitor their weekly commission transactions. Comissio displays consolidated commission statements in both PDF and CSV formats. Statements reflect all the weekly activity for multiple carriers and products for both new and recurring business on one statement along with the status of any applicable policy statuses, charge-backs, running debit balance and 1099 balance. Log into Comissio.




We are partnered with a website building platform called AgentMethods. As an AHCP agent, you will receive 50% off your website setup and 25% off the first four months of service with AgentMethods.

Take a Look Inside:

AgentMethods Highlights:

  • Integrated with Quotit ePro creating a seamless selling process while allowing clients to browse insurance on their own
  • Manage social media marketing
  • Access to a vast library of content on insurance topics that can be added to your personalized website
  • Schedule email marketing campaigns
  • Very easy to use

When you are ready to get started visit and schedule a demo.


Great AEP

Automate your AEP with Great AEP to help more clients, make more sales, and have less stress. As an AHCP agent, sign up now and receive an exclusive 50% lifetime discount.

Here’s what Great AEP takes care of for you:

  • Automate your outreach during AEP to make sure you connect with every customer.
  • Optimize your calendar so there aren’t any gaps or crunches.
  • Remind your customers of their meetings with you so they show up prepared.
  • Capture Scope of Appointment forms at time of scheduling.

Sign up now at to lock in your exclusive 50% lifetime discount.

Looking for more information? Read the Great AEP presentation here. 

E&O Insurance


360 Coverage Pros’ E&O Insurance offers AHCP insurance agents broad coverage options at affordable rates, all designed to protect you and your business from the high costs and effects of a claim.

If you want to apply your lead credits to cover the cost, call Agency Services for a special enrollment code.

Complete your application online.

Licensing and Continuing Education


    • AHCP Brokers have 24/7 access to online pre-licensing and CE courses at discounted rates.
    • A.D. Banker & Company ensures you pass your state licensing exam on your first attempt.
    • To meet your state license renewal requirements A.D. Banker offers a library of online Continuing Education courses.
    • Only $33 for unlimited access to all CE courses for a year. Your promo code will be automatically added at check-out.


Anti-Money Laundering Training Program

The LIMRA AML program is widely used in the industry to help companies comply with anti-money laundering training and tracking requirements. AML courses are offered in English and Spanish, with a new refresher course created each year to keep recognizing and stopping money laundering top of mind.

LIMRA’s U.S. Anti-Money Laundering Training Program is a fast, easy, and inexpensive way for financial services companies to meet key requirements of U.S. Treasury Department rules.

This industry-wide training program allows producers to complete core training just once, and documentation is sent to every carrier they represent that participates in the program

For those agents that must complete the AML training click here.

Producer Agreement

AHCP periodically updates its producer agreement. As an active agent affiliated with AHCP, you are contractually obligated to the current AHCP Producer Agreement. We kindly request you to refer back to this location for updates to the terms and conditions of working with AHCP.


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