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The Allstate Corporation is one of the largest publicly held personal lines insurers in the United States. As part of the Allstate Corporation, Allstate Health Solutions is focused on providing supplemental and short-term coverage options to individuals and associations. Allstate Health Solutions is the marketing name for products underwritten by National Health Insurance Company, Integon National Insurance Company, Integon Indemnity Corporation and American Heritage Life Insurance Company. National Health Insurance Company has been rated as A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best.



Appointment Information

Any agents wanting to be appointed with Allstate Health Solutions should complete the new appointment form. Any questions can be directed to our AHCP contracting team by email or by calling (877) 228-8773

Appointment Fees/Renewals

At this time there are no appointment fees.

Checking Appointment Status

Reach out to Agency Services for the status of each of your appointments. Agency Services can be reached at 877-228-8773 or via email at

Adding Non-Resident Appointments

Agents should provide their non-resident license copies to AHCP with a request to add the appointment to their AHS record.

Adding a Corporation

AHS will appoint a corporation as long as the corporation is licensed in each state the agent intends to sell insurance in. The agent should complete the AHS New Agent appointment packet providing the Corporation’s information.

AHS Quoting and Submitting New Business

How do I run a quote?

Our new simplified quoting and enrollment site:

  • Allows you to quote and submit more quickly
  • Is more intuitive and easy to use
  • Gives you access to more products to meet the needs of more clients
  • Permits quoting and submitting multiple National General A&H products (NHIC and Time Insurance Company) in one application

Once an agent is appointed they will receive and a 6-digit Agent ID number and access to their custom link. That link will be (replace xxxxxx with your 6-digit National General Agent ID).

For more information watch the QuoteNatGen tutorial.

There is also an easy to follow user guide.


List Bill

Our List Bill payment option is a great tool that allows you to sell National General plans to both employer and non-employer groups. List Bill allows you to give employers the option to offer value- added accident and health coverage with the simplicity of a single payment plan. Click here to learn more and view the AHS List Bill flyer.

List Bill Account Agreement (fillable PDF)

AHS Carrier Back Office

It’s easy. All you need to do is enter your existing E123 username and password (from NHIC or TIC) — once logged in (, you have three options for viewing:

  • Customer List: View all your customers under both NHIC and TIC
  • Policy List: Provides a list of all TIC/NHIC policies for your individual clients
  • Agent List: Available if you have an agent hierarchy; it lists your downline agents

Note: Agents/agencies with downlines will have access to view all customers/policies under their hierarchy.

There are many ways to sort your customer information for simple viewing. The new system allows you to filter by:

  • Member ID
  • Enroller ID
  • Product Categories
  • Customer Name
  • Create Date
  • Create End Date
  • Policies End date
  • Choose from “Next 30 Days” or “Next 60 Days”

Log in today at

Questions on how to navigate the AHS Member Portal? Please contact Agency Services for assistance at 877-228-8773 or by email at

AHS Client Management Tools

Application Status

You can check the status of submitted applications by accessing the AHS back office.


Within the AHS back office there is a reporting tool.

Claim Forms

NHIC and TIC Supplemental Products Claim forms have been consolidated for simpler selection. Forms can be found on

AHS Commission Information: Who processes commission- AHCP or the carrier?

AHCP processes AHS commissions internally. The agent must list AHCP as the General Agent of record on every application. Commission statements are stored in the Comissio.

AHS Commission Information

Policies with initial premium payments received by EOD Friday will have commissions paid the following Friday.

Earned commission cycle

Earned commission and renewals are processed once a month, the middle of the following month.

Advance option details, including interest

Three or six-month advance, no interest, or an as-earned option. A one-time 3% admin fee will be charged on the gross advance amount. 

Commission CycleNew Business Commissions

Policies for which the initial premium payment was successfully made by Sunday end-of-day will have commissions  paid out on Friday. The initial premium is drafted as soon as the policy is issued.



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