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Molina Healthcare's mission is to provide quality health services to financially vulnerable families and individuals covered by government programs. Molina Healthcare has health plans, medical clinics and a health information management solution. No other organization of its kind does all three.

Get Appointed for Under 65 Get Appointed for Medicare

*Please note that Molina Medicare contracting will be paused from June 1st – July 8th, 2024


Appointment Information

How to get appointed with Molina

All agents must complete the appointment paperwork to become appointed.


Adding Non-Resident Appointments

Agents should provide their non-resident license copies to AHCP with a request to add the appointment to their Molina appointment

Molina Carrier Back Office

To login, first click here and enter your writing number in the User ID field, then click forgot password. Leave password field blank. You will get a pop up to request your password reset


Quoting and submitting new business (Medicare)

Agents can submit business through their back-office link.

Paper applications can be FAXED or Mailed:

  • Fax Number 844.541.6848
  • Mail to:
    Attn: Membership Accounting
    Molina Healthcare
    P.O. Box 22800
    Long Beach, CA 90801-9945

Telephonic Enrollment (Instructions are in your Broker Portal):

  • Telephonic Scope of Appointments (SOA) – 844.885.3948
  • Telephonic Enrollments – 866.885.3948

Online Enrollments:

  • In 2-4 days you will be receiving your username and password in a separate email which will include links to our e-application process.

Client Management

Agent’s can view their book of business through their Molina back-office by logging on and clicking “Book of Business”.

Commission Information

Who processes commissions, AHCP or the carrier?

AHCP processes Molina commissions internally. Commission statements are stored in the Comissio.

Earned commission cycle

Earned commission and renewals are processed once a month, the middle of the following month.

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