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PRAM Insurance Services, Inc. was founded in 1989 by David P. Wilson. In this complex, ever-changing industry, PRAM is constantly working to customize dynamic solutions that make strong financial sense while taking special care to meet the unique needs of clients. PRAM creates products with practical efficiency and true value for the members.

Appointment Information

Processing Time

PRAM, Inc, appointments take approx. 7-10 business days to process depending on the state. Agents will be notified via email when their appointment has been completed.

Appointment Fees/Renewals

State fees are required to get appointed with PRAM. $35 for the first state appointment and $10 for each additional state appointment. State fees are subject to change and are determined by the carrier.

Checking Agent Appointment Status

Reach out to Agency Services for the status of each of your appointments. Agency Services can be reached at 877-228-8773 or via email at


PRAM, Inc Carrier Back Office

Agents wanting to check on submitted client policies will need to log into


Quoting and Submitting New Business

How do I run a quote?

Agent Sales links are provided in welcome letters and are specific to the individual sales agent.


PRAM Commission Information

Who processes commission- AHCP or the carrier?

AHCP processes PRAM, Inc commissions internally. The agent must list AHCP as the General Agent of record on every application. Commission statements are stored in the Comissio. Commission is paid as earned.

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