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SCAN, a not-for-profit health plan, was founded in 1977 by seniors, for seniors. Forty years
later, seniors are still at the heart of all they do. You can count on SCAN to keep you healthy and
independent for years to come. That’s been their mission since day one.



Appointment Information

Submit contracting to AHCP. Once submitted to AHCP, you will receive a DocuSign contract from SCAN that must be completed (you should receive a link within 1-2 business days).

How long does it take to get appointed?

It takes 2-3 business days after contracting and certification is completed and submitted. Agents will be notified via email when their appointment has been completed.

Certification/Recertification Requirements

New and Returning Agents:

  • Go to
  • When logging for the first time enter SCAN to access the website.
  • SCAN’s Tier 1 Training Requirement: ƒ
    • Complete AHIP’s comprehensive online training.
    • Training curriculum includes modules on Medicare Marketing and a newly added Fraud, Waste and Abuse segment. Completing this training also satisfies the CMS requirement for General Compliance training. Note: agents are encouraged to access and complete the training using SCAN’s training portal. The fee for the AHIP certification through SCAN is $125.00 and payment is made through the portal.
    • If you have previously completed AHIP certification and are new to SCAN, when logging in through SCAN’s portal, select “create an account”. To enable your AHIP completion to carry over to the SCAN portal, you must enter the same log-on information that you used when you registered with AHIP. This is usually your National Producer Number.
  • SCAN’S Tier 2 Training Requirement: ƒ
    • Watch SCAN’s online training video and attest that you have read and understand our Code of Conduct & Policies and Procedures.
    • When your AHIP training is complete and you have passed the test, SCAN’s online “Selling With Integrity” training will “unlock”. View the 30 minute video – and additionally, you will be asked to “attest” to the fact that you have reviewed SCAN’s Policies & Procedures and Code of Conduct.
  • SCAN’s Tier 3 Training Requirement: ƒ
    • Register for a local market, face-to-face training session.
    • Upon completion of your Tier 2 training you’ll gain access to our Tier 3 training calendar which lists SCAN’s market-specific, local area, face-to-face, facilitator-led training dates. Register for the most convenient session. Attend and pass the final exam with a minimum score of 85%. If your contract is complete, within two working days you will be notified that you are certified to sell SCAN products.

Commission Information: Who processes commission- AHCP or the carrier?

AHCP processes Scan commissions internally. The agent must list AHCP as the General Agent of record on every application. Commission statements are stored in Commission is paid as earned on per month.



Training Videos


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