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UnitedHealthOne insurance plans bring a variety of options to individuals and families, including several options with deductible and copay plans. Plus, using the UnitedHealthcare networks can help you save money. With a UnitedHealthOne insurance plan you are offered high-quality insurance products, timely claims handling, and outstanding customer service.

Appointment Information

Processing Time

UnitedHealthOne appointments take approx. 7-10 business days to process depending on the state. Agents will be notified via email when their appointment has been completed.

Transfer of existing appointments take approx. 7-10 business days. Agents should not submit business until they have been notified that the transfer has been completed as it will eliminate the eligibility for transfer.

Checking Appointment Status

Reach out to Agency Services for the status of each of your appointments. Agency Services can be reached at 877-228-8773 or via email at contracting@ahcpsales.com.

Adding Non-Resident Appointments

Agents can provide copies of their non-resident license to AHCP. Agents will then need to contact Golden Rule Broker Services to pay any associated fees directly.

To follow up on the status of your non-resident appointment requests, either log into your Golden Rule back office (e store) or call agent services.

Appointment Fees/ Renewals

All fees are listed on UnitedHealthOne’s Appointment Fee Authorization Form. Fees must be paid by calling Golden Rule Broker Services at (800) 474-4467.

Appointing a Corporation

UnitedHealthOne will not appoint a corporation as long as the agent is appointed through AHCP. All agents should obtain an “Individual” appointment.

To have your commissions assigned to your Corporation, please fill out the following documents.


UnitedHealthOne Back Office

How to register on the carrier’s website

  1. Visit www.uhone.com/broker and click on the “Register Now” link
  2. You must use your National Producer Number (NPN) to register
  3. You will be directed to create a new password and security question. Please be sure to carefully read the password requirements.


UnitedHealthOne Quoting and Submitting New Business

How do I run a quote?

Agents can run a quote in the following way:

  • Agents can login to their back office and go to the “Quoting and Applications” tab and then click on “Instant Quote”

Application Submission Options

Fax: (317) 713-7875

Electronic: Agents can manually submit applications through the “Instant Quote”.

UnitedHealthOne Client Management Tools

Check application status

To check the status of your submitted applications…

  1. Log into UnitedHealthOne Broker Portal
  2. Go to the “My Business” tab and click on “My New Business”
  3. Search by last name or application ID #

To view your book of business…

  1. Log into United HealthOneBroker Portal
  2. Go to the “My Business” tab and click on “My Existing Business”


United Health One Commission Information

Who processes commission- AHCP or the carrier?

AHCP processes UnitedHealthOne commissions internally. The agent must list AHCP as the General Agent of record on every application. Commission statements are stored in the Comissio.

Advance option details, including interest

  1. Major Medical: Three, six or nine month advance.
  2. Stand-alone Dental Plans: Three or six month advance.
  3. Short-term Medical Plans: Three month advance for terms up to five months, six month advance for terms from six to 11 months.

*A one-time 3% administrative fee will be charged on the gross advancement amount. No interest on any products.
Commission Cycle

New Business Commissions

Commissions are paid on Thursdays, while all other carriers’ commissions are paid on Fridays. Bonuses are paid with new business the same week AHCP receives them from the carrier.

Renewals and As-earned commissions

All as-earned commissions, including renewals/residuals, are paid no later than the 20th for the prior month’s earnings unless the carrier’s data feed is unavailable by that date (Healthy America, sometimes Coventry).  In a typical month commissions are generally deposited around the 15th.

First Commission Payment

As a general rule of thumb, carriers will not release commissions on a policy until the first premium payment is received and applied. Depending on the carrier, the premium is drafted either when the policy is first issued or on the policy effective date. With on exchange plans, most carriers require receipt of the full premium (client portion + subsidy) before commissions can be released.

On Exchange

On exchange policies can be identified by their policy numbers which are either 16 digits long if the policy is issued, or starts with “FFM…” if not. To check the premium payment status, go into policy details and check the Paid Thru Date (right side). When both parts of the premium payment are received, the policy Paid Thru Date will be populated; if the paid thru date shows “N/A” then one or both parts of the initial premium are still missing. Receipt of the full premium starts the commission payout process, which can take approximately 2-3 weeks. If the commissions process completes on the carrier’s end by end-of-day Thursday, commissions will be paid to you the following Thursday.

Off Exchange

United will wait until the effective date to draft the initial premium for any plans that are not on exchange major medical, including STM and ancillary. If the initial premium is successfully drafted by Thursday end-of-day, commissions will be paid to you the following Thursday.




UnitedHealthOne Critical Illness


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